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Feedback & Reviews 2
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Feedback & Reviews 2

Here, you can see what our clients say about us and benefit from their tour to Iran experiences with Hipersia.


ExceptionalHiPersia also for business trips: Professional, fast, competitive - and kind!
For many months now I habe known the HiPersia Team, based in central Tehran. Be it a 2-week private driver, a pick-up from IKA or back to IKA from a hotel, a last-minute bus drive to Isfahan or a bus round trip (Isfahan-Kashan-TEH), the team at HiPersia were always fast and matters were handled promptly. If you don't speak Farsi, don't worry. Their staff is well-trained in English.
Due to international restrictions I paid in cash at their TEH office. If you cannot make it there, I am sure there are other ways you will be able to get matters done.
As I am in IR usually for business, I have never booked any of the tourist packages, but I compared their value - price to other operators. HiPersia can only be recommended. It's great for people who want a personalized tour.
Also: HiPersia make a big effort for eco-tourism and also offer off-the-beaten-track packages. Well worth a trip!
Don't trust the media, and go and see this beautiful, warm-hearted country for yourself. And NEVER leave it without having tasted Fesenjoon

We were a group with 5 persons and booked a tour consisting of visits to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazdh (including surroundings and desert). Our tour leaders in each city had a vast knowledge of various sight-seeings and could deliver information in a intrigiung and compeling way. We were able to visit fascinating places; from Naqshejahan in Isfahan, over Presepolis in Shiraz to the 4000 years old ancient city Kharanaq in Yazdh. Besides the historical sight-seeings, our tour-leaders knew different points of interest in each city; local food restaraunts, cafes, shops etc. Our drivers were great and delivered us anywhere on time. We had a great time in Iran.

We had a great experience wiht HiPersia! They helped us with bus tickets for traveling around Iran, they were very responsive and also invited us for a tea when we stopped at their office in Tehran. Very welcoming! Also their site is very useful to check out for various information for every traveler going to Iran. I definitely do recommend them!
S Hipersia sme mali vybornu skusenost, pomahali nam s vybavovanim busov a zistovanim casov pocas nasich ciest po Irane. Odpovedali velmi rychlo na maily a ked sme sa zastavili v ich office v Tehrane pozvali nas na caj. Taktiez odporucam ich stranku, ktora obsahuje mnoho uzitocnych informacii pre kohokolvek, kto cestuje do Iranu. Urcite Hipersiu odporucam!

We have been looking for a transfer from Tehran to Isfahan and we go much more, we got a bus for all of 30 people including a tour guide who showed us amazing places like Abyaneh, Kashan and of course in Isfahan. We got a tailor made program as we wanted. All went without any problems. We are very satisfied.

I needed three visas for my husband's family. One was issued less than one day, and two other ones were issued just in one day. Ms Sayyah who was in charge of my work was such a conscientious lady. She was so considerate about my work. Unlike some other places that you have to follow up 1000000 times, in this travel agency, they follow you up with all documents and results. Nothing goes wrong with them — such trustworthy people; polite and professional. Their friendly behaviour never gets out of the border to an unprofessional level. They exactly know what they are doing and are familiar with procedures. I never sensed any hint of mistake while working with them. I was not in Iran and just through WhatsApp, in a very reasonable time, everything was done most professionally. Working with them is easy and enjoyable, and they don't push people into unnecessary hassles, bureaucracy and troubles. If there was more than 5 star, I definitely rated for that. Even reading their professional website, information provided in that and the way they presented themselves, it is such a different approach from so many other businesses. Such a pleasure working with you guys, especially you Ms Sayyah. I will use their services again for sure and recommend it strongly to the others. They are the representatives of the right manner, proper behaviour and professional job.

Ar B
Finally, the price was good, if you already know Iran and want to change your schedule etc, do not take the food, museums tickets etc option, it will end up higher than the real cost, if you do not mind paying 5% more and want to be relax take this opt

Finnish Traveller
Very good service
They have very good service and active communication while planning the trip and during the trip. You can get flexible arrangements to suit your needs and schedules.

My friend and I just finished a trip in Iran (Tehran - Kashan - Isfahan - Shraiz) last week. HiPersia helped us with ticket reservation of bus and train. From about 1 month before the trip, I started to communicate with them by email, they provided timely update info and was very patient answering my questions, which helped me a lot on planning the trip. After we arrived in Tehran, as the new policy that foreigners are not able to active a local SIM card. We went to the Irancell shop together and finally they helped purchase a new SIM card for us. Both my friend and I had a great experience in Iran and we really appreciated their help.

Robert S
My friend and I just finished a trip i
Excellent tour of Southern Iran
My son and I enjoyed a 8 day tour from Shiraz to Tehran December 22 until December 30 2018.
Our guide Amir was excellent ,met us cheerfully at 3 30 am at the airport in Shiraz and was informative ,helpful and fun to be with throughout the whole tour.
Nothing was too much trouble and I have great pleasure in recommending him and Hi Persia.
We enjoyed t

Joyful trip in Iran with Hipersia!
I have organized a botanical excursion in Iran for the Austrian and German botanists collaborating with HiPersia. It was an excellent experience and all clients were satisfied.

karim shaddar
Traveling with Hipersia
I’ve been traveling with Hipersia for more than 2 years.
During these years I traveled to the most famous and popular attractions of Iran.
Hyrcanian forest Trekking. Staying in desert local Homestays. Swimming in persian gulf islands. Discovering amazing landscapes of Kurdish region of Iran and so on.
I get a new friend during my travels and got new experiences. I realized that how Iran is beautiful and how much we are aware of the country.

Ali Shojaei
Ramtin is Calm and Honest
Before founding Hipersia, Ramtin was a tour guide. he is one of the best and honest guides that I've ever seen. He was our tour guide in more than 5 trips. I never forget "Kurdistan", "Ilam", "Shiraz", "Maranjab desert" & "Kashan" that I've seen with Ramtin.

Mohsen F
well done HiPersia
that was awesome experience. everything was scheduled as they said like accommodations, transportation and... so on.



Les avis peuvent parfois paraitre suspects tant ils sont excellents...mais je confirme: nous avons voyagé à 4 pendant 14 jours dans des conditions rêvées avec un guide parlant français adorable (Siamak) et veillant à notre sécurité (la traversée d'une rue est un vrai challenge pour un piéton étranger!).
Aucune fausse note, amabilité iranienne incroyable, pays magnifique.
Un grand merci à Ghazal (anglophone) et à Hipersia pour ce séjour fantastique..
Une orientation pour le choix du type de guide proposé:
- vous êtes à fond dans l'histoire Perse, probablement un guide local vous donnera plus de détails,.
- autrement votre accompagnateur guide est largement suffisant, Siamak a été parfait et connait beaucoup d'adresses hors circuit

Quel beau Pays et gens aimables////



Thierry M 
 Nous avons fait un circuit de deux semaines en Iran (Téhéran - Ispahan - Shiraz - Kerman - Yazd - Téhéran)
Ce pays est magnifique et ses habitants des plus accueillants
Variété des paysages, intérêt historique pour le berceau de notre civilisation...
Nous avons tout organisé depuis la France directement avec l'agence Hipersia basée à Téhéran. C'est Ghazal qui s'est occupée de nous et elle est charmante. La prestation est supérieure à ce que l'on vous propose en France et pour un tarif bien inférieur!
N'hésitez pas à contacter Ghazal (en anglais). Nous avons fait ce tour d'Iran tous les deux seumenet accompagnés d'un guide chauffeur Morteza, qui parle parfaitement français et nous a transmis son amour pour son pays...



سرکار خانم سیاح ممنون از زحمات شما جهت ارائه خدمات و

عالی از نظر جوابگو بودن و زمان شناسی و مشتری مداری



Hi Persia wurde mir von Freunden empfohlen und ich kann diese Empfehlung nur weitergeben.

Das Team hat uns eine wunderbare Reise von Shiraz über Yazd, Isfahan und Kashan nach Teheran zussmmengestellt - mit Übernachtungen in liebevoll restaurierten, kleinen Hotels. Als wir auf Grund einer spontanen Planänderung einmal nicht am Busterminal aufgetaucht sind, bekamen wir gleich eine besorgte whatsapp-Nachricht Undenkbar in Deutschland:-/

Zurück in Teheran haben wir HiPersia besucht und noch eine extra Tour in den Norden gebucht.


Mi sono affidato ad HIPERSIA per organizzare il primo viaggio in Iran. Tutto PERFETTO: guide brave, spostamenti organizzati benissimo, assistenza precisa, hotel scelti per il soggiorno davvero ottimi. Il team di HIPERSIA ha superato le nostre aspettative!!! GRAZIE!!!




อิหร่านเป็นประเทศที่มีจุดเด็นมากมาย ไม่ว่าในด้านวัฒนธรรม สังคม อารยธรรม ภูมิประเทศ อาหาร รวมถึงผู้คนชาวอิหร่านมีความน่ารัก อบอุ่น และต้อนรับแขกไม่ว่าจะเป็นชาวอิหร่านหรือต่างชาติเป็นอย่างดี อีกหนึงจุดเด็นของอิหร่านคือภูมิประเทศอิหร่าน ซึ่งคุณสามารถสสัมผัสบรรยากาศที่แต่ต่างในเวลาเดียวกันได้ เช่นทะเลทราย ป่าทึบ หรือทะเลที่คล้ายเคียงกบบ้านเรา
หนึงในสถานที่ที่ประทับใจมากที่สุดคื่อ Nasir al-Molk Mosque ณ เมืองชีราซ ซึ่งทางบริษัท HIPERSIA ได้จัดรายการเที่ยวได้เป็นอย่างดี และไกด์ทุกคนอธิบายเป็นอย่าดีและกันเองมาก


A Tripadvisor Member


This is the first time we visit Iran, before we arrived, I connected with Hipersia, and they give us a lot of help.
During our tour, we almost got all the informations and help we need from them.
The tour is well scheduled and the tour guy is reeeeally kind and wonderful and knows a lot about the histories, we spent a very happy time during our tour, especially visiting the desert.
Highly recommend, and hope to see you ASAP.



Very professional service. Always helpful and Fast especially regarding visa.


Chitrabhanu Kadalayil
The staff at HiPersia were excellent: efficient, responsive, warm and coordinating with us every step of the way. They sorted out visa grant certificates for my family, and organised our trip to Shiraz from Tehran. This included our airplane tickets, hotel accommodation and a fantastic guided tour of the city as well as visits to the ancient ruins of Persepolis and Pasargadae. I recommend HiPersia for anyone planning a trip to Iran.


Elham Keyvani
Iran is really nice and beautiful. To see and get to know better the culture for short term you really need the best, experienced help. Hipersia travel agency is everything what you needed during your trip. Over 100 professional tour guide and perfect team at Office are really helpful.


nasim sheikhnia
Thanks to the agency, they helped me to get my husband visa which was rejected once when I applied. Thanks for the good work.


Amir Jafari
My Italian guest was rejected form E-Visa in Italy, then I asked HiPersia to do it, fast and easy. granted.


The service is so helping and easy to access with professional, kind staff.would highly recommend HIPERSIA service to tourists all around the world if u ever wish to come to Iran  (Forouzandeh)


Dr. Mahboubeh Maleki
They helped our guest in getting Iran visa and we got the reference number within 2 weeks. Ms. Sayyah was very nice and always available to answer our questions. We are very satisfied and definietly recommend:)


golnaz atabay


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