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Mehrabad International Airport
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Mehrabad International Airport

The Tehran Mehrabad International Airport is a joint airport and was one of the two international airports serving Tehran, the largest city in Iran. Only domestic flights are served by this airport.


The Mehrabad International Airport


The Mehrabad International Airport is one of the most active and important airports in Iran. The airport is situated inside the city boundaries in the west of Tehran on District 9 and it was established in 1938. The airport transports about 13 million passengers annually. This enormous number show that the importance of the airport in Iran's aviation industry. The Mehrabad Airport was the main airport of Tehran for both domestic and international flights until the year of 2007, but all international flights have been transferred from Mehrabad to Imam Khomeini Airport. Currently, Mehrabad Airport is still the primary airport of Tehran for domestic flights with four active terminals.


 Mehrabad Airport


The Mehrabad Airport terminals

Mehrabad Airport has four terminals in which terminals 1 and 2 are used for arrival and departure domestic flights. Terminal 6 is specially used for arrival domestic flights, and Terminal 4 is also specially used for departure flights. So, if you are planning to travel to another city from Tehran, depending on which airline you are flying, you will get one of the terminals of 1,2 or 4. But if you travel to Tehran from another city, you will arrive at one of the terminals 1, 2 or 6.


Arrival & Departure flights


How to get the Mehrabad Airport?


  • By Taxi and Bus

There are many alternatives to get access to the Mehrabad Airport via public transportations such as taxi, bus and subway. But, if you willing to use your car, you need to access to the Meraj Blvd by Azadi Square to get the airport. You can also get the airport from Azadi Square by taxi and bus.

Mehrabad Airport Taxi


  • By Subway

Subway is the most suitable way to access the airport. The yellow line of the subway, which is the fourth line (Eram-e Sabz), leads us to the Mehrabad Airport. You have to get off the train at the Bimeh (بیمه) station, but don’t leave the station, just take a look around and find the airport signs to get the airport easily.

Subway Stations




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