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Rayen Citadel
Rayen Citadel

The Rayen Citadel, with an area of more than 22,000 square meters, is the second largest adobe structure in the world after the Bam Citadel, Which dates back to the pre-Islamic period, the Sassanid era.

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Kerman is definitely one of the attractive destinations for those who want to experience historical and natural sites simultaneously. A list of world-class heritage lies in the heart of this province such as Ganjali Khan Complex, Fath Abad Garden, Shahzadeh Garden, Bam Citadel and so on. Among the numerous valuable old monuments of Kerman, Rayen Citadel is one of the great attractions that draw many tourists annually from all around the world.

Rayen Citadel

The Rayen Citadel, with an area of more than 22,000 square meters, is the second largest adobe structure in the world after the Bam Citadel, Which dates back to the pre-Islamic period, the Sassanid era. This spectacular structure located on the foothills of Hezar Mountains in the southwest of the Rayen city that guarded city and people against enemies for hundreds of years. By stepping in this citadel, history will pass through your eyes. Throughout history, no army was able to cross its gates and remained intact in all wars and attacks.

The Rayen Citadel

The Rayen Citadel has a square-like shape and several towers protect the structures inside the wall. Around the citadel is covered with walls that reach over 10 meters as well. This citadel has only one gate that built on the eastern front of the citadel and has a magnificent port.

The Rayen Citadel has many similarities to the Arg e Bam, in terms of architecture, appearance, and materials, and is a quarter to Bam Citadel. During the restore operation of the Arg e Bam due to the 2003 Bam earthquake, Rayen Citadel has become an amazing place for those who like to visit the historical citadel of Iran.

The Rayen Citadel

We suggest you visit the Rayen Citadel on the way to the Lut Desert. Today no one lives behind the walls of this citadel, while many people lived there until 150 years ago. So, it has become an interesting museum.

The Rayen Citadel offers visitors expert guides, toilets, tea house, parking lots, various handicraft shops such as carpet weaving and knitting.


The Rayen Citadel Bazaar

The Rayen Citadel has been one of the most important centers for making swords, guns, and knives in the past. The knife industry is still prevalent in Rayen city, and a number of its workshops are still working in the form of craftsmanship in the citadel. Other tools provided in these workshops include sugar mills, sickle, cleaver, scissors, and Tongs. It is interesting to know that, the Rayen armies, under the command of Ganjali Khan-Hakim Kerman-in the war with the Ottomans, used the hand-made rifles of the Rayen artists and beat them. The main path to visit this historical site is displayed on the map below.

Rayen Citadel


Almost every season is suitable for traveling to Kerman, but the spring and fall would be better. There are a few tourists to visit there, so you can enjoy visiting the citadel for a long time.

The Rayen Citadel



In order to get the Rayen Citadel, you must travel to Kerman. The Rayen city is located in 100 km southeast of Kerman, on the foothills of Hezar Mountains. If you are planning to travel from Tehran via your car, you will reach there after passing 1000 km through the cities of Qom, Kashan, Nain, Mehriz, Rafsanjan, and Kerman.

You can use one of the available means of transportation as well. The cost of a Tehran-Kerman bus ticket is 370,000 IRR to 600,000 IRR, depending on the type of bus. The cost of the train ticket varies from 350,000 IRR to 600,000 IRR, depending on the train Type, and the airline ticket costs vary from 1,100,000 IRR to 3,000,000 IRR. You can also rent a car from Rayan city or use public services.


2019-01-20 | by Kasra Yazdanpajoh
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