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Yazd International Airport
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Yazd International Airport

Yazd International Airport is an international airport which is located in the Fajr Rural District, Yazd Province; it also is known as Yazd Sadooghi Airport.

Yazd Sadooghi Airport is located 10 kilometers of Yazd downtown in Fajr Rural District, Yazd Province. This international airport has an area of 575 hectares. Yazd International Airport operates commercial flights and is considered as the tenth most crowded airport in Iran. This airport was operated 6092 flights, 672167 passengers and 4317 tons cargo in 2016. Currently, 110 domestic and international flights operate at this airport during a week.

 yazd airport

  • Yazd Airport terminals and facilities

    This airport has two terminals for domestic and international flights.
    • Also, the airport facilities include some different parts as follows:
      Check-in, departure gate, lost and found, Baggage claim area, transit passage, Luggage storage, shop centers, internet access, restaurant, ATM, and emergency medical services.

 yazd airport

  • Flight destinations and Airlines

    • Yazd Airport operates Domestic flights to Tehran, Mashhad, Kish, Ahvaz, and Bandar Abbas.
    • It also operates International flights to Jeddah, Baghdad, Medina, and Najaf.
    • The airlines work with Yazd International airport are as follows:
      • Iran Air 
      • Kish Air 
      • Aseman Air 
      • Taban Air 
      • Zagros Air 
      • Naft Air 
      • Iran Airtour 


  • How to get Yazd International Airport?

    Yazd International airport is located 10 kilometers of Yazd downtown in Azadegan Boulevard, Velayat Boulevard, Fajr Rural District, Yazd Province. You can reach there via private car or public transportation such as a taxi and bus.
    • If you want to reach there via private car follow this route: This airport ends with Yazd railway substation from the north, Yazd road from the west and southwest, and Azadegan Boulevard from the east. Pay attention that the entrance gate is from the east side.
    • Taxi: You can use taxi calls services to get to the airport. Call number 1828, after declaring your position, a taxi will be provided at your place after a few minutes.
    • Also, this following map can help you to find the exact destination:



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