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Sohan is one of the Persian pastry and souvenir of Qom city that made of wheat.

Sohan is a delicious pastry that you can serve it with tea. Sohan is considered as the main souvenir of Qom city. If you are a sweets buff, you will enjoy the flavor of Sohan. Baking Sohan became the major profession of people in Qom city from the Qajar era.  It has an old history, Molla Ebrahim Shamaie had baked a yummy sweet as Halva in the Opening day of Hazrat Masouma Courtyard. This sweet was named Sohan because it was easy to digest. This pastry was made in the traditional hand-made way but is now baking with specific machines. The average daily production of Sohan in Qom is about 25 Tonnes with 20 Tonnes exported outside the Qom province. You can have Sohan in the other cities like Zarand and Isfahan.


  • Ingredients of Sohan

The ingredients of Sohan contains wheat, wholemeal flour, sugar, oil, egg yolk, cardamom, saffron, and pistachio. Wheat in Sohan because of its natural sugars, it saves energy in the muscles and improves muscle function and prevents fatigue. The oil and ghee used in baking Sohan are critical in its quality. A high-grade Sohan should not cling to the tooth and is not be stiff.


  • Different Type of Sohan

    Depending on your taste you can buy different type of this pastry in the Bazaar of Qom as follows:
    • Sohan-e Gol Qom: This type of Sohan is the main and traditional one that has a circle shape. This type is common, and most pilgrims and visitors buy it as a souvenir.
    • Sohan-e Loghmei: This type is another popular and best-selling souvenir in Qom. It is like a small pillow and has small slices of pistachio and walnut in the middle. 
    • Sohan-e Gazi: It is one of the delicious types of Sohan that includes Gaz in the middle.
    • Sohan-e Asali: One the best choice as a souvenir is Sohan-e Asali because it has an exciting flavor. It contains honey, Sugar, water, and small slices of pistachio and almond. It is like Poolaki that is a yummy souvenir of Isfahan Province.
    • Sohan-e Konjedi: This type of Sohan is like Sohan-e Asali with the difference of using sesame instead of nuts.
    • Sohan-e Habbeie: This type is like Sohan-e Gol in a cube of Sugar.
    • Sohan-e Halvaei: It is soft and suitable for kids.


  • Where can you have the best taste of Sohan in Qom?

    If you travel to Qom, you can visit Fatima Masumeh Shrine. Most stores to buy Sohan are locating around this holly shrine. The best place to have Sohan are as follows:
    • Mohammad Saedinia Sohan
      • Saedinia Sohan is open 24 hours of the day.
      • Address: Number 165, Emam Street, Qom, Qom Province.
    • Khodkar Sohan
      • Khodkar Sohan’s working hours start from 6:30 AM Until 12:00 AM.
      • Address: Sadr Boulevard, Qom, Qom Province.




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