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Aras River
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Aras River

Aras is a river in and along with the countries of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Aras gained significance as a geographic political boundary. 

Aras is a river in and along with the countries of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. the Aras gained significance as a geographic political boundary. Under the terms of the Treaty of Gulistan and the Treaty of Turkmenchay following two Russo-Persian Wars of the 19th century, the river was chosen as the border limit between the Russian Empire and Qajar Iran as the latter was forced to irrevocably cede all of its Caucasian territories to Russia. The Araxes river forms the international boundary between northwest Iran and the USSR from a point east of Mount Ararat, which lies very close to the river.The peak of the river discharge occurs in April and May as a result of snow melting in the mountains; the lowest discharge is recorded during August and September. There are many natural and cultural attractions around Aras River. The Saint Stepanos Monastery which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in 16 Km west of Jolfa and near Aras River. It was built in the 9th century and rebuilt in the Safavid era after several earthquakes damaged it. There are also two historical bridges on the Aras River named Khodaafarin Bridges. The first one with 11 arches was built in the 11–12th centuries and the second with 15 arches in the 13th century.


Aras River


  • The Aras river depth:
    In the distance between Julfa and Eslandooz, which occurs between the mountains of Arasbaran and the mountains of Azerbaijan, its width is also less than 20 meters in some places. about Julfa, its width is about 30 meters and its depth is 4 meters, but near Pol Dasht, its width is about 90 to 100 meters and its depth is 2 meters.


  • What is the best time to go?
    Spring and Summer (April up to August) are the best time to visit the Aras river because the weather is Appropriate to explore in this region. Another season is too cold to get there.


  • Getting there:

Some entrances of this region, are banned because of security issues. In order to get there, the Julfa is the appropriate place. To reach Julfa, It takes about 2 hours from Tabriz province via Marand – Hadishahr road, and the distance between there is about 136 km.



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