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Tar (musical instrument)
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Tar (musical instrument)

 Tar is one of the popular musical instruments in Iran, which produces a beautiful sound by playing it.

Tar instrument is one of the main Iranian music instruments. Tar is a stringed instrument. This instrument can be played both as a solo instrument and as an accompaniment to other musical instruments. In Iranian music, Tar and Tombak are usually played together.


  • Playing Tar

In the past, Tar instrument had five strings. The latest corrections have been made by Darvish Khan, a master of Iranian music by adding the sixth string to complete and expand the sound range of this instrument. This musical instrument is played with a plectrum.
Tar musical instrument consists of two connected bowls called (Naqareh) and (bowl). To play this instrument, you must first sit on a chair and place your right foot on the left foot. Place the instrument maker on the right foot and hold the handle with the left hand. At the same time as we place our right hand on the bowl, we hold the plectrum in the same hand. Playing this instrument with a plectrum requires training and skill.




  • Usage

This instrument is common in Iran and some other regions of the Middle East such as Tajikistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and other parts of the Caucasus to play classical music of these countries. This loud instrument is usually played with a tombak instrument. 


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