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Iran Medical visa
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Iran Medical visa

Iranian medical visa is suitable for people who apply for a visa for health treatment or tourism. Medical tourism is a new tourism branch that provides the possibility of providing medical and therapeutic services along with tourism services for foreigners. This visa is a new branch of tourism that provides medical and treatment services along with tourism services for foreigners. Today, countries such as India, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand are leaders in medical tourism. Iran can also have a privileged position in medical tourism due to its high tourism, medical potential, and experienced physicians.


What is medical tourism or health tourism?

Medical tourism or health tourism is travel to other countries to undergo surgery, various types of medical and dental care, cosmetic surgery, benefit from natural health factors such as mineral springs, etc. Of course, medical tourism is not just providing medical services. Rather, this visa is based on the logic that medical treatment, along with rest, leisure, and travel from a foreign trip, can accelerate a person's recovery and health. Due to the high level of medical knowledge and ability of Iran in providing medical services and the existing potential in this field, and especially hard experience in the treatment and difficult treatments on the one hand and the land of Iran has many natural and tourist attractions on the other, it is necessary to Develop and develop powerful and useful programs and strategies in this regard.


Medical visa:

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, travelers who intend to travel to Iran to benefit from medical services must take the necessary steps to obtain a suitable travel visa and medical visa before traveling to this country (Receive type T) to enter Iran. Please note that entering Iran and benefiting from medical services in this country with a tourist visa is against the laws of this country.




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