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How to pay
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How to pay

If you have planned to travel to Iran, there is a problem relevant to Iranian Banks. We can't accept credit cards because of the Bank sanction against Iran, so our passengers can choose one of 3 payment methods mentioned below.

  • How to pay:
    Due to sanctions against Iran, Unfortunately, we are not able to accept credit cards. There are three payment methods that you can choose:
  • SWIFT Payments:
    Hipersia Travel Agency has provided the possibility of transferring money through the Swift Banking System.
  • Pay in cash:

    • You can come to our agency and pay in cash. It is our pleasure to meet our clients in person and share our travel experiences with them.
    • If you have accommodation in Tehran before your trip, we can come to your residence to collect the money and give you any information you need.
    • You can pay in cash to one of our representatives in the nearest country to yours.
  • Pay in cryptocurrency:

    • You can pay with  Bitcoin
    • You can pay with Etherium
    • You can pay with TRX
    • You can pay with USDT
    • You can pay with Polkadot
    • You can pay with Solana
  • National account:

If you have a relative in Iran, it is the easiest way. Your relative can pay to our national account and send us the receipt. It is done. We will start organizing your travel.



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