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Hiring Tour Leader
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Hiring Tour Leader

"****Please note: This is not an active hiring season for Iran. Your application will remain on file but you may not hear from us until recruitment is opened up again. The active recruitment season for Iran is in Mar/Jun****

  • Thinking of travelling the world as a Dalahoo/HiPersia Tour Leader?
  • Do you have amazing travel experiences to share with others?
  • Are you well organized, flexible, out-going, with a good sense of humour?
  • Is dealing with people enjoyable for you?
  • Are you young at heart and ready to work with passion and purpose?"

If you answered yes to the above questions, we may have the adventure job that you've been looking for!



During the contract, a tour leader will:

  • Consistently deliver a high level of customer service and traveller satisfaction.
  • Provide leadership for our travellers and be responsible for their well-being.
  • Continually increase your knowledge about the visited country, its culture, religion, current affairs, environment, etc.
  • Have detailed knowledge of hotels, sights, restaurants, transport, souvenirs, prices, etc. Develop a series of information sources and contacts that can be of assistance when required.
  • Be mindful of potential opportunities for Dalahoo/HiPersia, such as new destinations, new CEOs, new markets or ways to improve itineraries.


On each departure, a tour leader will:


  • Act as day-to-day guide, interpreter and manager of the group.
  • Deal directly with your traveller's issues and concerns, ensuring that passenger satisfaction is effectively achieved.
  • Maintain the established travel itinerary as closely as possible, making changes only when necessary.
  • Make reservations for accommodation, transportation and activities as required.
  • Assist and accompany travellers during optional activities and meals.
  • Advise travellers on suitable restaurants, additional transport requirements, purchase of souvenirs, etc.
  • Maintain daily expenditure accounts, retain receipts and keep expenses within the trip budget provided.
  • Provide a report for each trip, in the requested format.
  • Keep the Trip notes updated in the standardized format.
  • Train new Leaders as requested, passing on as much trip-related information as possible.
  • Provide assistance to the regional offices when requested by Managers or by the Tehran office.



A Love for Adventure Travel: We are the Adventure specialists and we only hire leaders who have a genuine passion for travelling to vibrant, exciting areas of the world. Our leaders come from very diverse backgrounds, but this is one thing that they all have in common. Previous experience living, travelling, studying or working abroad is an essential requirement for this position.


 A Tour Guide License

 Language skills: All of Dalahoo/HiPersia tours are operated in English so a good command of the English language is mandatory. The region specific language is also very important. This helps ensure we maintain excellent relations between the company, the people we meet and work with in the field and the travellers on our trips.

 Excellent Leadership and Communication Skills: We look for people who have experience in leadership roles, with a proven ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts.

 Resourcefulness: We need leaders who have a good head on their shoulders, who can remain calm and collected under unpredictable and stressful circumstances. Our leaders need to be able to take decisive action to resolve problems as they arise.

 Awareness of and Commitment to Sustainable Tourism: Our leaders need to be committed to environmentally and culturally responsible tourism, and be an inspiring example to the travelers.

 Good Health and High Energy Level: It may seem obvious but we need leaders who can always handle the daily stresses, both mental and physical, of long and tiring days. Be it a 13-hour bus ride, a long day's trek with a difficult group of travellers, or an included rafting adventure, you need to be the friendly, happy, helpful face of Dalahoo/HiPersia.

 First Aid/CPR Certification: CEOs must be prepared to act in case of emergency. Standard First Aid Certification and CPR are required at the start of a contract to ensure your ability to assist with injuries, illness, or emergency in remote locations.

 Transportation to your training location: It is the CEO's responsibility to get him or herself to the starting point of the training trip.

 Background in basic accounting/budgeting: Experience working with budgets or developing a personal budget is an asset. Computer literacy: A working knowledge of the Internet, E-mail, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel is essential.






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