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Business Visa (Type A)
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Business Visa (Type A)

The Iran business visa is issued for applicants who intend to travel to Iran for business purposes, as a corporate visa or business visa. You only have to provide some proofs for your business trip to Iran.

What is a business visa for?

Business Visa (It is also known as type A visa) is a non-immigrant visa to Iran for a short duration for business related reasons.


If you are going to visit Iran for business purposes, you can apply for a business visa. An Iranian registered company or someone a commercial card holder, needs to endorse your visa application. The normal procedure of receiving application code takes between 4 to 10 working days.


Required documents to apply for Iran Business Visa (Iran Corporate Visa):


  1. Fill in the host application form 
  2. Fill in the guest application form
  3. Invitation letter of the company includes: header, the official stamp and signature of the company's CEO on the request for the issuance of a multiple-entry visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the reasons for inviting them.
  4. Official newsletter of the company with the last company changes.
  5. A clear and colorful image of the first page of passenger passport (passport must be valid for more than 6 months)
  6. A clear and colorful image of the guest
  7. The scanned image of the host Id card (both sides of the Id card)


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