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Applying Multiple Entry Visa for foreigners
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Applying Multiple Entry Visa for foreigners

Applying a multiple entry visa is only possible for people who travel to Iran on a business trip. This visa is issued according to the number of trips made last year with various credits. The validity of Iran's multiple entry visas varies between three months, six months, or one year depending on the citizenship of the guest and the number of trips he has made in the previous year. This visa has several advantages. Saving time and travelling expenses is the benefits of this visa. There is also no concern about not receiving a visa.


The required documents for obtaining a multiple entry visa are as follows:


  1. Complete the Host Profile Form (Click here to view the host form.)
  2. Complete guest profile form (click here to view the guest profile form)
  3. Invitation letter of the company with the stamp and signature of the company's managing director on the request for the issuance of a multiple-entry visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the reasons for inviting them.
  4. Official newsletter with latest company changes.
  5. A clear and colorful image of the first passenger passport page (passport must be valid for more than 6 months)
  6. Colorful and transparent image of the guest
  7. Scan of host national card (both sides of the card)
  8. Copy of passport pages of Iran's entry and exit during the past year
  9. After the call and confirmation of your request by Hipersia, you can pay the cost (2,490,000 Rials) into the stated account.


In addition to the requirements for applying for a business visa, the number of guest business visas last year is also reviewed by the Passport and Visa Office.



The minimum number of previous trips required to apply a multiple entry visa is:


  • Three-month multiple entry visa: At least 3 trips with business visas last year
  • Six-month multiple entry visa: At least 2 trips with Three-month multiple entry visa last year
  • One-year multiple entry visa: At least 2 trips with Six-month multiple entry visa last year


After completing the documents and registering a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and receipt of the transcript from the State Department, other documents, including the letter of request, the official newspaper, the first page of the passport, as well as the printing of guest entry visas last year, by the Deputy Assistant to the Passport Office and The visa is being examined In case of request and if agreed with the request, after a few days, the visa reference code will be issued to the guest, and he must go to the nearest consulate at his place of residence to obtain a visa with this reference number.

In general, it should be noted that the decision to apply for a multiple-entry visa is based on the opinion of the Deputy Assistant to the Passport and Visa Office and the examination of the documents described, and it is possible that even with the completion of all documents that mentioned above, upon his discretion, he does not agree to a multiple entry visa application.

Note: This type of visa is not issued to nationals of the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.


Click here for more information on visa rules for foreign nationalities


  • It should be noted that the duration of the reference of this visa will be longer than the tourist visa of Iran. For more information, you can contact Hipersia.
  • Your guest is better already has received the Iran's business visa and has traveled commercially to Iran, to facilitate receiving multiple entry visas.




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