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Sahand Mountain
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Sahand Mountain

After sabalan, Sahand mount is one of the highest and the most famous prominences of Azerbaijan.

Sahand Mount is a silent volcanic mountain that has 17 peaks with more than 3000 meters high. Sahand mount is one of the most famous mountains of Iran because, in most seasons, Sahand mountain ranges are covered with lawns and daisies and Fritillaria (It is called the bride of the mountains of Iran.).

Sahand mountain



Some famous peaks as follows:


1-  Kamal Peak (Kooch Goli Daghi):

This peak of the mountain is 3750 meters above sea level, the highest point in the Sahand Dynasty, and it is famous among the climbers.

The Kamal peak is located in the north of Chichuklu village, southeast of the popular village of Lighvan, and south of the Samar Khuzan village.


2-  Sahand and Jam peaks:

Sahand and Jam are sticky peaks, located at the end of the south of Mount Sahand and north of Maragheh.


different species of animals:


In Sahand mountain, there are different species of animals such as:

Armenian mouflon, Caracal, Brown bear, Leopard, Wildcat, Weasel, Wolf and Fox, several Bat species and different types of rodents.




It has a lot of famous rivers and hot water springs and mineral springs.
There are 19 rivers and 4 Seasonal River. A part of the river's water flows through the Gharakanko valley and the Ghezel Ozan River to the Caspian Sea and part of the waters of this mountain passes through the Lake Urmia.

Some famous river called:

1- Ojan Chay river
2- Seyyed Avachaei
3- Lighwan River
4- Zainjenab river
5- Osco river
6- Dehkharghan Pa Azarshahr river
7- Ghalee Ajab Shir river and …

River's Sahand mountain




There are a lot of fountains on Sahand mountain.

The most famous of them are:

1-   Gharakh Belagh

2-   Gomosh Belaghi

3-   Pari

4-   Goran Belaghi


Sahand mountain


What is the best time?


If you like climbing, I suggest you to climb Sahand mountain especially Kamal and Sahand peaks. End of June month until the end of August month is the best time to escalate.


Sahand mountain


Getting there:


There are several routes to reach the peak that the southern route (Goran Bolaghi) is the best one. You must go from Tabriz to Maraghe that distance between two cities is 135 Km and it takes about 2.5 hours. This route starts from Maraghe city and after 8 Km in primary route toward Hashtrood (Sar Skand), change direction toward the north. On the route toward Golan Bolagh, you pass from Karaj Abad and Kurdish villages. After spending a long distance about 41 Km in dirt road and asphalt, finally, you get Goran Bolagh.





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