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The holiest mountain in Iran
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The holiest mountain in Iran

The people of Ardebil believe that this mountain is very sacred and swears in some parts of the mountains. The people of this city are also called Mount Sabalan, Mount Soltan Savalan.

Sabalan Mountains started for Ghareh Souh valley in the northwest of Ardebil and extends in the east-west direction, 60 km long and extends about 48 km to the mountain of Qusheh-e-Dagh in the south of Ahar, and by this mountain, Qaradha Highs connected. Mount Sabalan overlooks the three cities of Ardebil, Ahar, and Meshkinshahr. This mountain is 25 km southeast of Meshgin city and about 40 km from the city of Ardabil.

Sabalan is the third highest peak in Iran and a volcanic mountain inactive. The height of its tallest peak, called Soltan Savalan, reaches 4811 meters.


ُSabalan mount



On the western front of the valley of Sultan Savalan and along the rocky sanctuary is the shape of an eagle that has become the symbol of Mount Sabalan over time. This piece of stone, naturally, is in the form of an eagle that sits and heads toward the east.

Sabalan ranges are one of the best natural pastures in Iran. The Sabalan slopes, unlike Sahand, which is slightly rocky, it has a soft and fertile soil and grows well-grown grass.


Mount Sabalan is the holiest mountain in Iran.


According to people's beliefs, there is a tomb located on Mount Sabalan, belonging to the Prophet of Zoroaster. According to the Persian texts, Sabalan is the place of worship and prayer of Zoroaster.


Sabalan lake


At the mouth of the Sabalan peak, there is an elliptical volcanic lake with a depth of about 50 meters. The water of this lake is covered with snow and in most months the water of the lake is frozen, except for the summer months. The lake has not been seen as an aquatic species due to its type of water. In lake science, this lake is one of the most unique lakes in Iran.



Sabalan's lake



Land of Heavenly Fountains


Due to the features of this mountain, there are several hot and cold mineral waters in the range, each of which has unique properties and is not comparable to the other.


  • Traditional Gavmish Goli pool

One of the most famous spas in this city is Gavmish Goli Spa Which is one of the oldest and the best one in the country. This spa is well-known in the aspect of water quantity and breadth.



Gavmish goli




Alvares Ski Resort


The Alvares ski resort is located in the village of Alvarez, 30 km from Sareen, on the slopes of Mount Sabalan. This ski resort is the largest ski resort in Iran. Also there lift and chairlift.


 Alvares Ski Resort


What is the best time to go?


The best time to climb Sabalan summit is the summer season.  If you want to travel to Mount Sabalan in winter, it is best to use mountaineer ice climbing equipment. 


summer of Sabalan


Getting there?


In general, there are three routes to climb Sabalan:


1.      The best route is the Northeast route, which starts from the Shabil Spa located south of the city of Lahrud on the road to Ardabil Meshkinshahr. It passes through the shelter by the eastern edge to the summit. This route is the easiest route to climb the summit, and its ascent ranges from one morning to noon.

2.      The western route, which begins at the foot of the Gharagul Lake, then passes through the Heram Chal and the huge Heram glacier to the western shelter and then to the Sabalan peak.

3.      The southern route, which starts from the south side of the peak and leads to the mountain near the summit by the eastern edge, is the hardest way to rise. 

Alvares Ski Resort, one of the most equipped ski resorts in Iran, It is located in this direction.


routes of Sabalan




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