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Kerman Airport
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Kerman Airport

Kerman Airport is an international airport which is situated in Kerman province.

Kerman Airport is known as Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani Airport located in Kerman, Iran. This airport is one of the most important stations of air transportation in Iran, which operated about 116 domestic and international flights in a week.


  • Karman Airport terminal


Kerman Airport has two terminals for domestic and international flights. It also has a specific terminal for the flights to Mecca destination. Pay attention that the parking and taxi services are available outside of the domestic and international flights terminal. Moreover, same as the other airports, Kerman Airport offers some facilities as follows:

Check-in, Lost and found, Baggage claim area, Luggage storage, Commercial stands, Airport shop, Restaurant, and ATM.


  • Airlines and flights


Kerman International Airport is considered one of the main hubs of Mahan Airlines. The airlines working with this airport are as follows:

  1. Iran Air Iran air
  2. Mahan Air Mahan air
  3. Zagros Air Zagros air
  4. Aseman Air Aseman air
  5. Kish Air Kish air
  6. Qeshm Air Qeshm air


Also, the flight destinations of the Kerman Airport are as follows:


Domestic Flights

International Flights
from to from to
Kerman  Tehran  Kerman  Dubai
 Kerman  Mashhad  Kerman  Najaf
Kerman  Shiraz  Kerman  Baghdad
 Kerman  Isfahan  -  -
 Kerman  Tabriz  -  -
 Kerman  Kish  -  -
 Kerman  Zahedan  -  -
 Kerman  Ahvaz  -  -




  • How to get the Kerman Airport?

 =To get to the Kerman Airport, there are two ways to access it via private car and taxi services. The airport is located at the end of Jomhouri Boulevard.

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