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Iran Visa (online: Requirement+Fee)

Iran Visa (online: Requirement+Fee)

​Fill out the online form based on your required visa type.
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COVID-19 Iran Travel

​Visas are currently issued.
Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test is not required to enter Iran.
Tourist VIsa

Tourist VIsa

Business Visa

Business Visa

Medical VIsa

Medical VIsa

Pilgrimage Visa

Pilgrimage Visa

Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

Transit Visa

Transit Visa

How much does an Iran visa cost?

Apart from the visa fee, HiPersia also provides tourism services in Iran such as hotels, airport transfers, and tours in the desired cities. HiPersia will be your host if you travel to Iran as a tourist. Get from us airport transfers, entry to and exit from Iran, as well as five nights of hotel accommodation in Iran. Iran visa fee consists of two parts, the amount that HiPersia receives for performing services and the fee paid by the guest to one of the consular units of Iran. These costs include:
  • Iran visa application fee: 35 euros
  • Fees received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in issuing visas: According to the client's nationality, it is between 25 and 125 euros.
If you have an Iranian host, send us their information so that we can contact them or tell them to contact us.

Which countries are not able to get Iran airport visa?

Citizens of Canada, USA, UK, Colombia, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Somali cannot get Iran visa upon arrival.

Visa Free Countries

​The holders of the following countries ordinary passports can enter Iran and stay for up to the mentioned duration without a visa :
  • Armenia (90 days)
  • Azerbaijan (30 days)
  • Bolivia (30 days)
  • Egypt (30 days)
  • Georgia (45 days)
  • Lebanon (30 days)
  • Malaysia (15 days)
  • Oman (30 days)
  • Syria for (90 days) (but only if arriving by air straight from Damascus)
  • Turkey (90 days)
  • Venezuela (15 days)
  • China (21 days)
    Note: Recently, citizens of China, Japan, India, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Indoesia, Russia, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan,        Tajikistan, Tunis, Mauritania, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Morris, Seychelles, Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Belarus  can be allowed to enter the country without a visa within a specified time.

Iran Visa Types

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has divided Iranian visas into the following types based on the purpose of the trip and other conditions of the applicant.
  • Entry visa (type A):
This visa is issued to nationals who have a valid invitation from the ministries, organizations, institutions, and public and private companies who are going to Iran for negotiations, contracts, negotiations for investment, setting up purchased devices, etc.
Possible applicants: academic, cultural, and research faculty members, drivers carrying goods or passengers, members of official, political, economic, and artistic delegations, sports teams, and international and specialized organizations, experts and well-known businessmen, UN staff and organizations Affiliated, the reunification of family members of foreigners living in Iran.
  • Tourist visa (Type B):
This visa is issued to foreign tourists who enter the country to visit Iran's tourist attractions.
Possible Applicants: Tourists.
  • Pilgrimage visa (type C):
This visa is issued to foreign Muslim nationals who enter Iran for visiting religious places.
Possible applicants: Muslim tourists.
  • Political visa (type D) and service (type S):
Possible applicants: temporary agents of political missions, consulates, and offices of international organizations residing in Iran, temporary guests of agents, including resident foreign diplomats and permanent agents on assignment, holders of political passports and serving as a delegation, holding meetings, internships, implementing cultural and educational programs and political and service passport holders who intend to travel to Iran for the purpose of tourism or pilgrimage.
  • Study visa (type E):
This visa is issued to foreign students who intend to study at Iranian universities. These nationals must receive academic admission from the Ministry of Science, Education, or approved scientific centers.
Possible applicants: Students, students, and researchers.
  • Business visa (type F):
 This visa is issued foreign nationals have permission to work in Iran and have the acceptance of the employer working in Iran, which has reached the Ministry of Labor.
Possible applicants include: industrial, medical, and engineering professional workers.
  • Transit visa (type G):
This visa is for foreign drivers who intend to travel to a third country through Iran. Possible applicants are: drivers, tourists, businessmen.
  • Press visa (type H):
This visa is for members of foreign media, including visual, audio, written, and digital, and producers, makers, and those involved in any type of report, film, etc., who enter Iran for professional purposes and have a license from the Public and Media Diplomacy Center.
Possible applicants include: reporters, producers, and cameramen.
  • Investment visa (Type I):
This visa is issued to foreigners who intend to invest in Iran. Applicants for this visa must receive the necessary approval from Iran's Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization.
Possible applicants: businessmen, and investors.
  • Family visas (type M):
This visa is issued to provide more facilities to foreign spouses and common children who intend to travel to Iran.
Possible applicants include: Spouses and children of people who have Iranian citizenship.
  • Medical visa (type T): 
This visa is issued to foreign nationals who have been admitted to one of Iran's prestigious medical centers for treatment. 
Possible applicants: Physical patients and cosmetic service applicants.
HiPersia HiPersia

How is the Iran visa process?

Watch the Iran visa process in this video. Iran visa has different types and different processes.

Complete the Iran tourist visa form here

Complete the Iran tourist visa form here:


Complete the Iran tourist visa form here

Iran visa is no longer issued as lable. 
your visa is valid for three months from the date it is processed into your passport so don’t pick it up too early before you plan to travel to Iran.
If you have a host the identity, document of your host is needed too.

Considering HiPersia's lack of responsibility in issuing or not issuing visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is obvious that the paid fee will not be returned if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not issue visas. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is free to issue or not issue visas to foreign nationals. All decisions to grant any Iranian visa are with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Why HiPersia:
Iranian visas of any kind are issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs like visas from other countries. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has permitted some tourism agencies to process the requests of Iranian visa applicants to facilitate the process of examining Iran visa cases, especially in the (Iranian tourist visa) section. It is a matter of pride that HiPersia was able to receive this license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. If your guest's Iran visa is done through HiPersia, you will benefit from HiPersia's advantages in this regard.

Frequently asking questions (FAQ) about Iran visa

Ramash AsI have requested more than 10 visa application for my friends, who were coming to Iran for my wedding. The process with Hipersia is very clear and easy. They are reachable via whatsapp which makes the communication very easy. My friends booked a Iran tour with them too, here the communication was in english and very convenient. I thank you for your service and help.
lightsv: We used HiPercia for arranging and booking accomodation, transfers, flights. I started to do research in late October and communicated with a lot of travel agents . But finally I chose HiPercia and Shayan! He replied very quickly giving all necessary information and his recommendations. Thanks to God that we met him. My husband had a problem with his health upon arrival in Iran and Shayan rearranged everything very quickly . He was in touch 24/7 and supported us.
All transfers were on time, Shayan tracked everything starting from leaving hotels to reaching piers, airports etc. All recommended hotels were great ! Despite the problem that we faced we'd like to come back ... If I find an opportunity to visit Iran again I 'll choose HiPercia and Shayan . Thanks a lot !!!
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How to get an Iranian Visa

​Believe us getting an Iran visa is not that much difficult! The steps are easy but note that there is always a little chance of rejection. You can try to get Iran visa yourself but using an agency is the safest and the fastest option. HiPersia will apply for your visa whether you are planning to make your arrangements or plan to take a tour with HiPersia. Remind, Iran visa like all countries requires passports valid for at least six months from the departure time of the country. Please always start your visa process early, at least four weeks before you plan to come to Iran. Below you can see Iran visa information, requirements, and forms. If you are traveling to Iran with HiPersia, visa services will be free!
You can see the whole Iran visa process in the chart above. But in general, there are five steps to get your visa approval number.
Step 1: Prepare Iran visa requirements
It’s so simple! All you have to do is to:
  • filling in the form
  • Send us scanned copy of your passports (Send that to sales{@}
  • Send us a scanned passport-sized photo (Send that to sales{@}
  • Pay for your visa
​Step 2: HiPersia will apply to the Iran ministry of foreign affairs
We will send your request and your information to the Iran ministry of foreign affairs. Your request will be processed in 4 to 10 working days.
Please note that: for passports from the USA and UK and Canada, it takes more than 20 to 45 days.
​Step 3: Ministry’s answer
If your request is accepted, MFA will send us your visa authorization number. At this time, an authorization number will be sent to the Iranian embassy or the Iranian airport you nominated in your request form. Your authorization number is valid for 30 days.
Download the Iran visa excel form
Download the Iran visa excel form
​Step 3: Ministry’s answer
If your request is accepted, MFA will send us your visa authorization number. At this time, an authorization number will be sent to the Iranian embassy or the Iranian airport you nominated in your request form. Your authorization number is valid for 30 days.
Step 4: Picking up your visa
By this step, you should go to the Iranian embassy (or airport if you apply for on arrival Iran visa) with your passport and your authorization number. Your visa will be issued in 1 to 10 working days, but it depends on your nationality.
Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides applicants with paper visas (at the airport or consulate) to facilitate the entry of foreign guests to Iran.
Step 5: Welcome to Iran!
The steps have  been done, now you can visit our 7000-year-old country. HiPersia wishes you a great trip.

Iran visa price for different countries:

Countries tourism (euro)    Airport (Euro)
Brazil 100 100
Cuba 40 75
Russia 40 85
Thailand 45 75
China 85 100
India 30 90
Kenya 40 60
Tunisia 35 45

There are two different Iran visa fees:

1. The amount we charge to receive your authorization number and letter of invitation. 

2. The other fee is the consular fee which you pay directly to the Iranian embassy or consulate where you will collect your visa. (usually between 60-70 USD, depending on your nationality)

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