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Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region
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Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

There are eight archaeological sites in the Fars region which dates back to the Sasanian Empire. You will see the art of the Sasanian Architectural style in Firuzabad, Bishapur, and Sarvestan located southeast of Fars Province.

Fars Region consists of eight archaeological sites that date back to the Sasanian Empire, located in Firuzabad, Bishapur, and Sarvestan, in the southeast of Fars Province. It has recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO from 2018. These historical monuments and ancient cities have built since the earliest until the latest times of the Sassanian Empire. Stay with us to explain a historical adventure in Fars Province.    

  • Bishapur

Bishapur is an ancient city that includes two main zones with an area of two thousand hectares. You will see an engineering method in the design of this old city, which consists of two interrupted streets in the north-south and east-west direction. Temple of Anahita, Hall of ceremonies, Mosaic portal, and Palace of Valerian create the royad citadel and residential houses, Baths, Caravanserai, and Bazaar formed the public area of Bishapur.

 Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

  • Shapur cave

This cave is placed in Kazerun at the end of Tang-e Chogan, four kilometers from Bishapur. It is situated on a height of 800 meters with a 30 meters entrance gate. There is a statue of Shapur I with a height of 7 meters in the Shapur cave, which dates back to 1700 years ago. You will see two inscriptions on the entrance of the cave that one of them is the translation of Shapur I's inscription at Naqsh-e Rostam, and the other one narrates how the army stood the statue up again.

 Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

  • Sarvestan Palace

This Palace is located 9 km south of Sarvestan, in tezang, Fars province, with an area of 25 hectares. The main materials of this palace are stone and plaster. There is a square-shaped Iwan at the central part of this palace with a height of 18 meters. Also, you will see a dome in the central part of the courtyard. This palace is similar to the Palace of Ardashir in Firuzabad, but it is smaller with the brick Vaults.

 Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

  • Shahr-e Gour

Shahr-e Gour or Ardashir-Khwarrah is a circular town that dates back to 1500 years ago, located in Firuzabad, Fars Province. This city has a circle-shaped plan with a diameter of two kilometers and four main entrance gates. It was the residence of the Royal court.


  • Palace of Ardashir

The Palace of Ardashir or Ardashir Babakan is a fire temple in Firuzabad, Fars Province, which dates back to 1800 years ago. This palace was the principal residence of the king. You will see the best samples of Sasanian Stucco in the Palace of Ardashir. One of the fascinating architectural elements used in this palace was Khishkhan; it was used in the wall to flow the air.  

 Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

  • Qal'eh Dokhtar

Qal'eh Dokhtar or Dezh Dokhtar, built on three levels and the entrance of the castle placed on the lower level that reaches to the courtyard through a spiral staircase. The courtyard surrounded by three foursquare chambers that included Valts and the forth side ended to the upper level that was the place of the main hall. This castle consists of the central arch with two small ones on both sides. Qal'eh Dokhtar is located on the hillside, 6 kilometers of Firuzabad to Shiraz road. You will reach the castle after a 300-meter walk. Qal'eh Dokhtar dates back to the late Parthian Empire.

 Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

  • Relief of Fars Region

Relief of Coronation and Victory of Ardashir Babakan over Artabanus IV of Parthia in Naqsh-e Rustam is the last archaeological site of the Sasanian Empire in Fars region. This relief narrates the scene of taking the king ring of power from Ahura Mazda by Ardashir, and Artabanus of King Parthian dropped under Artaxerxes' horse.    

 Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region

  • What is the best time to go?

Shiraz has a desert climate with hot summer and cold winter. If you want to enjoy the beauties of Fars province, suggest you travel from late April until late May.


  • Getting there?

Take a taxi is one of the best way to get these archaeological sites. You can use taxi call with dialing 133, after declaring your position, a taxi will be provided at your place after a few minutes.




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