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Land of Potteries
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Land of Potteries

The city of Lalejin is one of the tourism cities of Hamedan province, which is known as the capital of Iranian pottery. Lalejin has one of the best potteries in Iran.

This city is famous for its pottery. It can be considered the main center of pottery and ceramics in Iran, whose exports to the world more than anywhere else recorded. The Lalejin pottery has various kinds, including decorative dishes, different ceramics, and so on. Since ancient times, most people in Lalejin have worked on pottery and ceramics. As mentioned, Lalejin pottery is one of the finest potteries in Iran. On September 4, 1959, a ceremony held in Lalejin that has taken over the title of the World Pottery City.

The inhabitants of Lalejin are Oghuz Turks and speak specific Azerbaijani Turkish dialects that are quite different from the Azerbaijani dialect.




History of Lalejin

They say that Lalejin has been destroyed twice: first on the invasion of the Mongols and others on, the attack of the Afghans. The Afghan invasion was during the Safavid period and led by Mahmoud Afghan. The famine in 1288 AH and the people's rebellion in 1331, Against chief (Gholamali Khazaei) are significant events in this city.



Lalejin has several quality restaurants. But our suggestion is the traditional Bu Ali restaurant. Dizi (a traditional Iranian food) is famous for this restaurant. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional restaurant and live music (on Fridays). This restaurant is near Ayatollah Bahari Blvd.


Handicraft market

There are many shops in Lalejin that sell pottery, some of the names of this shop as follows:

Gladiator crafts, Laal Exhibition and Handicraft Shop, Khatereh Handicraft Shop, Moheban Handicraft, Termeh Handicraft, Kimiya Lalejin.




  • What is the best time to go?

The Lalejin climate is like the Hamadan province and has a temperate mountain climate. If you want to travel to this city, we suggest you choose from April to late May to go.


  • Getting there?

Lalejin located in northern Hamadan. This city is 20 kilometers far from Hamadan province. You can reach Lalijan from Hamadan by Hamedan-Bijar Road. You'll be on the road for about 45 minutes by car.



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