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If you intend to travel to Iran, you should break your diet because Iran is full of delicious and delectable food. One of these delicious and fragrant foods is Tahchin.

Tahchin is one of the authentic Iranian cuisine that is made for important parties and gatherings. Tahchin can be cooked with chicken, meat, eggplant, and spinach, but the original is made with chicken. This food is similar to Zereshk Polo, but with some difference.


  • Ingredients of Tahchin

    The first step to baking Tahchin is to prepare the ingredients. The ingredients which you may need are as follows:
    Rice, chicken breast, yolk, rose water, onion, Greek yogurt, butter, barberry, oil, saffron, cinnamon, salt, and turmeric.


  • Recipe of Tahchin

    This delicious food is made from some main steps as follows:
    • First step: First, boil the chicken in water with onions and a little turmeric. After the chicken is cooked and cooled, shred the chicken.
    • Second step: Pour the rice into the water and cook with a little salt and oil until the rice parboiled.
    • Third step: Put the chicken in a pan and sauté with salt, cinnamon, barberry, and a little sugar.
    • Fourth step: pour yolk, saffron, and rose water in a bowl. Then stir well until the egg smells raw disappears.
    • Fifth step: Pour the oil into the pot. Then pour half the rice, pour the chicken over it, and then pour the remaining of the rice.
    • Final step: It needs about 90 minutes for this food to cook completely.


  • Where can you test a delicious taste of Tahchin?

    Usually, this food is available in most restaurants. But some restaurants serve more delicious Tahchin that we would like to suggest some of them:
    • Sharaf Al-Eslami Restaurant

      • Sharaf Al-Eslami Restaurant’s working hours start from 11:30 AM Until 16:00.

      • Address: Grand bazaar, Tehran.

    • Tahchinbar Restaurant

      • Tahchinbar Restaurant’s working hours start from 08:00 AM Until 18:00.

      • Address: Vanak Square, Tehran.

    • Shahrzad Restaurant

      • Shahrzad Restaurant’s working hours start from 11:30 AM Until 22:30.

      • Address: Abasabad Street, Isfahan.



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