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Hamrahe Aval services
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Hamrahe Aval services

Hamra aval services (First Iranian Mobile Operator) offers a great mobile network connection all over. By buying a prepaid SIM card, save your travel expenses!

Hamrahe Aval or First Operator is a state-owned mobile Telco company and known as the first mobile telecommunication company in Iran. Hamrahe Aval offers a great mobile network connection all over the country and provides 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE services on the GSM platform. The mobile signal may be weak in the Mountains and some desert lands of IRAN. You can top up your credit for Hamrahe Aval prepaid SIM cards through the Internet by using Iran’s debit cards, or buy a Top-up card from any outlets, supermarkets, and approved resellers that are available all around Iran. Hamrahe Aval SIM cards have SMS, MMS, and GPRS services.


Buying a local SIM card or using the roaming service?

If you are in a situation where it is impossible to connect to the Internet in your hotel, or if you would like to call and use the Internet all through your trip in Iran or other similar conditions, we suggest you buy a local SIM card to take advantage of better deals and plans instead of using your home mobile phone network.


Where Can I Buy a SIM Card?

Upon arriving at the Imam Khomeini Airport, a prepaid SIM Card can be purchased from official stores in Arrivals Lobby. Only two mobile data operators are available in the airport, Hamrahe Aval (MCI) and Irancell (MTN), which are the largest mobile operator in Iran. Otherwise, you can purchase a prepaid Sim Card from official stores and approved resellers all over the country.




What documents do you need to get a SIM card?

You must have your passport to purchase a SIM card. You will also receive a form to fill out with the exact information from your passport. With these documents, you cannot get a postpaid SIM card, from Hamrahe Aval, you can only purchase a prepaid SIM card.

Note: If you want to use a local SIM card for more than a month (since the first day of using the SIM Card), you need to register your mobile phone and pay the mobile phone tax.


How to active SIM card?

All prepaid SIM cards that sell in Imam Khomeini Airport counters have already been activated. So, your Hamrahe Aval prepaid SIM card will be activated as soon as the registration process has been completed. To activate your mobile number, dial * 141* 1 # [YES / OK] before receiving the first call. After establishing the first connection (call or text message), the SIM card will be activated. If the activation process doesn't work, you must refer to the official stores to ask them to activate your SIM card. Please note that the activation process of the Hamrahe Aval SIM card might be taken up to 24 hours after purchase in some cases.


How can I change the language?

The first step to being able to use the Iranian SIM cards for non-Iranian users, turn the menu language to English. The Hamrahe Aval SIM cardholders can change the menu language to English by dialing this activation code: 


to English: *198*2#

The second way for prepaid SIM: Call 444 and press 7 and then 2.



How to active Internet?

1) First of all, send the internet activation request in one of the following methods:

  • Dialing *10*231# to request internet activation.
  • Sending a text message "1" to 8088.


2) After activating the mobile Internet services, you must apply for receiving Internet settings in one of the following methods:

  • Send your mobile type and model or serial number (IMEI) via SMS to 8008 (to receive automatic Internet settings).
    • Note: By dialing the activation code of *#06#, the 15-digit serial number (IMEI) is displayed on your mobile screen.
  • If your handset is not able to receive automatic Internet settings, follow the instructions below to insert the Internet settings manually:
    • For Android: Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile Networks > insert the values of the table below
    • For iOS: Go to Settings > cellular > Cellular Data Network > insert the values of the table below


Item Value
Connection Name MCI
Bearer GSM
APN mcinet
Home Page
WAP Proxy
Port 9201
HTTP Proxy
Port 8080



How to buy Recharge Cards?

Recharge cards can also be purchased from official outlets, approved resellers, and supermarkets across Iran.

The Recharge cards are as follows


Hamrah-e Aval 
Types of charge (IRR) Charge amount (IRR) VAT (IRR)
1,000,000 917,431 82,569
500,000 458,716 41,284
200,000 183,486 16,514
100,000 91,743 8,257
50,000 45,872 4,128
20,000 18,394 1,651
10,000 9,174 826

 Hamrahe Aval: To add credit, dial *140*# (voucher PIN) #



Main Balance

To check your principal balance, dial the activation codes as follows:

 Hamrahe Aval: *10*121#


How to buy Internet Packages?

Buying Internet Packages is an affordable way to use the Internet all over your trip to Iran. You can check all the Internet packages by dialing the following activation codes and choose one of them based on your needs.

The following internet packages are available in the table below, and you get them by dialing the activation codes:


Alpha+ Packages



Price (Tomans)*

Activation Code


+ 300MB (2AM-7AM)

2,700 T *100*211#

+ 500MB (2AM-7AM)

3,600 T *100*2152#

+ 1GB (2AM-7AM)

4,900 T *100*212#

+ 1.5GB (2AM-7AM)

5,900 T *100*2153#

+ 2GB (2AM-7AM)

6,400 T *100*213#
7 Days

+ 600MB (2AM-7AM)

5,500 T *100*2251#

+ 1GB (2AM-7AM)

7,000 T *100*222#

+ 1.5GB (2AM-7AM)

8,300 T *100*2252#

+ 3GB (2AM-7AM)

10,900 T *100*223#

+ 5GB (2AM-7AM)

13,000 T *100*224#
1 Month

+ 1GB (2AM-7AM)

7,900 T *100*2361#

+ 2GB (2AM-7AM)

10,400 T *100*231#

+ 4GB (2AM-7AM)

13,900 T *100*232#

+ 6GB (2AM-7AM)

16,400 T *100*2362#

+ 8GB (2AM-7AM)

18,400 T *100*233#

+ 10GB (2AM-7AM)

20,400 T *100*2363#

+ 14GB (2AM-7AM)

24,400 T *100*234#

For more options, dial *100*2# (All of the Hamrahe Aval Internet packages are auto-renew. To cancel dial *100*8#)



  • Before buying an Internet package, please top up your credit.
  • All of the above package prices are in Toman, which is a super unit of the official currency of Iran, the rial (IRR). 1 toman= 10 rials.


Internet Package's Balance

To check your Internet package's balance, dial the activation codes as follows:

Hamrahe Aval: *140*11#


Call to Hamrahe Aval oprator

For more info, call number: 9990



How can I know my phone number in Iran?



Abdul Qadir
1402/06/02 22:55

همراه اول کارت ثبت نه میشا

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Dear Abdul Qadir, 

Thank you for your comment. 

you can register your sim card on the operator's website. 


1402/04/27 06:47

Activet my sim

(1402/04/27 11:47)

Dear Shima, 

Thank you for your comment. 

to activate your simcard you can dial *140*11# or visit Hamrah Aval's website.


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