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Rent pocket WiFi router in Iran
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Rent pocket WiFi router in Iran

Having access to the internet while you're traveling in Iran can better you traveling experience. You can sort out your business online, share beautiful moments from your trip with your loved ones, and stay connected. We can provide you with unlimited internet for the duration of your trip with the Pocket WIFI Router.




How does Pocket WIFI Router service work?

By purchasing this service you'll receive a pocket router, a 4G sim card, and a charging adaptor, and you'll return the device at the end of your trip. This way you'll have access to the internet throughout Iran. This sim card will automatically switch to any available network anywhere you go. 

More information about the Pocket WIFI Router:
  • There's a 50-Euro deposit that will be refunded upon the return of the device
  • The rent of the device is 18 Euros per week
  • The internet package in unlimited.
  • You can receive and return it anywhere in Iran. 




Haris regi
1402/11/19 18:59

Need important plz tel me price

(1402/11/24 16:36)

Dear Haris, 

Thank you for your comment. 

We reached out to you with the information. 

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